Homeland story

Our organization is dedicated to security issues. The precarious security situation in our country has forced us to create a project that aims to care for crime victims as well as the development of care projects and collaborating with the development of ideas that can positively affect the rates of various types of crimes.

Our project was born to try to fill the lack of positivist actions by the government and support progressive and liberal causes. We are part of civil society and we organize so that we can help build a better future for our descendants and so we are at the forefront of various initiatives, bills, and public policies for security. We stand together in this battle for security, for coming and going, for our rights as citizens.

The homeland security foundation is located in North America. Our initiative is funded by anonymous donors who give us support to move forward in this fight. We want and need to expand our work, which is non-profit. Together we can do more.

Since the beginning of our foundation, we have been at the forefront of several actions in favor of security, such as:

Defense of the right of citizens to defend themselves by firearms
We are against any initiative aimed at restricting rights guaranteed by the fifth amendment
We support projects that make rights to self-defense even more effective
We are always ready to defend any attempt that affects our rights, related to security
Shares for less taxes on firearms
Right to carry arms freely
We’re running 24/7. We want a better and safer life for our people. No more violence.

Contact us contato@homelandsecurity-foundation.org

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