Our Mission & Goals

The Homeland Security Foundation (HSF) is a public and non-profit organization created to promote Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in issues of Homeland Security. PPPs are arrangements between  public and private actors to pool together financial resources, expertise, physical capacities and know-how in order to reach common goals. HSF will develop such partnerships in collaboration with local, state and federal programs and private individuals, institutions and corporations. Our specific goals are as follow:

  1. Assist local, state and national efforts to ensure public preparedness for a terrorist attack.
  2. Procure private and public economic assistance to individuals, groups and institutions working in homeland security issues and  to ensure the readiness of the public to respond properly to threats and attacks.
  3. Promote Public-Private Partnerships to set up a scholarship fund to grant degrees and training to public health officials, military officers, medical personnel, firefighters, the coast guard and any other “first responders” in issues ofPublic Health and Homeland Security.
  4. Promote Public- Private Partnerships in biological warfare research and facilitate the exchange of information among national and local groups relating to issues of border security, territorial waters, environment, transportation, communication and strategic sites within the United States of America.
  5. Provide medical, financial and other assistance to victims and their families in a terrorist attack.
  6. Provide financial assistance, training and educational seminars to small business owners and their employees with the purpose to increase their awareness and knowledge of how to respond to bioterrorist attacks.
  7. Provide training  and educational seminars to school’s teachers and school’s administrators on how to respond to terrorist threats and attacks. Distribute information and provide educational seminars among students on how to respond to terrorist threats and attacks.
  8. Promote artistic works that reflect the impact of  domestic and international terrorism on  America society and those artistic works that promote values of freedom, free enterprise, respect for human life, respect for gender,respect for individual’s  faith, religion and life style.
  9. Promote community works to help those who are in need, lonely, sick, homeless and unprotected and to help our community to be safer from the presence of crime and terror.
  10. Promote Environmental and Health issues that direct efforts toward protecting our natural systems.